Our Vision for the Future

The mission of Studio Charrette is to make the planning process easier, cost effective and a positive experience for householders and developers alike, eliminating the confusion and complexity. We will help our clients understand their development rights and how to get the necessary consent quickly and painlessly.

By facilitating the planning process, we want to then focus on the creative side of our business, bringing to life through our exciting and innovative designs developers’ visions for a ground-breaking new build or householders’ dreams of a life-enhancing extension or conversion.

Our services range from planning applications and architectural drawings, to cost management and cost consultancy. We are here to serve you and make your building project as smooth and seamless as possible.

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  +44 (0)1322 838 787

Give us a call on:     +44 (0) 203 581 1233

A reputation for fairness and independence, aligned with our skills in drafting unambiguous contractual documentation to avoid disputes, that facilitates effective project progress, makes us a key member of any construction team.