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Whether planning permission is required or not, almost all householder developments such as extensions, garage conversions and loft conversions for example, will require building regulations approval. Building regulations if required are a legal requirement to ensure that whatever you are building meets the UK safety standards.

Aside from the legal requirement, building any development without proper building regulations drawings and structural engineering calculations can add significant delays and costs to a project.

Naturally we all want the lowest possible price however, unfortunately we help a lot of clients who have tried to cut costs by skipping building regulations, using an unqualified architect or builder and ended up in very stressful and costly situations.

If you are found to have built without the required building regulations you could receive an enforcement. If you refuse or are unable to comply with the building regulations you may be prosecuted in a magistrate’s court and face an unlimited fine.

Studio Charrette will ensure that everything in your build is up to code, that the materials used meet all of the current requirements and that the trades people on site are all aware of their obligations.

The exact regulations differ slightly depending on where you are in the UK but they all strive to do the same thing, ensure that any building is safe and structurally sound. Following these regulations will be the difference between your build passing or failing.

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