It is that time of the year. The trees are blushing, the leaves are rustling, spices float around the kitchen, and daylight is dwindling.

It happens every autumn, but the shock of evenings slipping away feels just as raw. While most of us look forward to earthy tones, woollen outfits, hot chocolate (and, yes, pumpkin lattes), it is the dimness that we can’t quite bring ourselves to love. That, psychologists have proven time and again, is a completely natural, neural response to losing our beloved vitamin D, among other things.

It is during these dark months that enhancing natural light matters more than ever. It can make all the difference between seeing autumn and winter as a series of crisp days followed by cosy nights, and living in a gloomy monotony of darkness that seems to stretch into an infinite void.

A touch dramatic? Perhaps, but if you find yourself craving more daylight at home or at the office, a touch of drama is just what those spaces need. For this purpose, we have compiled the ultimate daylight-enhancing list to brighten up any space, and nip that daylight saving gloom in the bud.


Clear Glazing

Bet you saw that one coming. The bigger the window the better, yes, but there is more to glazing than just going to town punching holes through walls.

Did you know that simply cleaning your windows regularly can have a noticeable improvement to the amount of daylight that makes it through the glass? It might seem obvious, but windows are often overlooked and gather more dust than we credit them for. Just look at that cloth after you’ve wiped the first pane… We won’t tell, but you’ll see just how much clarity you’re missing out on.

Permeable partitions

There are many ways to separate a room, and not all of them require a solid wall. A bookcase, a translucent screen, or glass blocks are all great ways of making the most out of that corner or back-of-the-room nook without depriving it of daylight.

Choose the right colour palette

The colours of your walls and furniture can do more than boast your exquisite taste. Lighter surfaces reflect more light and, with all that brightness bouncing back and forth between the sofa, the walls, and the drapery, your room will feel instantly lighter.

This can be especially helpful for darker spaces or rooms with smaller windows, where you need that extra kick to make a little amount of light go a long way.

Trim the veg

That ivy crawling all over the kitchen window? Let it thrive, but prune it so that it doesn’t block the daylight. The same goes for overhanging branches and out-of-control shrubs.

It’s a simple tip that can work wonders, especially once you consider the mental peace you’ll soak in while doing all that gardening!

Smile at the mirror

Not only because you look amazing, but because of all the heavy-lifting that mirror is doing to light up the room! Mirrors are the best natural light enhancers. Using them on walls and surfaces will multiply the amount of light and make any space feel both brighter and bigger.

An added bonus? Wherever you are using tiles, consider choosing a glossy range for that mirror effect.

Solar tubes and skylights

Nothing, however, will make your space shine brighter than actual sunlight. Whether the sun is blazing or it’s cloudy outside, a skylight will flood any space with that precious brilliance.

A solar tube, the less intrusive option, is a smaller skylight equipped with mirrors that can reach down to impressive depths, bringing a ‘well of sunlight’ to any level of the house (yes, even the basement).

Some of these features require building work, but you’ll find the investment is well worth it. After all, didn’t we establish that daylight saving keeps coming back each year? And if there’s no getting out of it… Better make the most of it!

If you want to check which enhancements your home can accommodate, and whether you might need planning permission for them, we are always happy to help.

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