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Studio Charette's collaboration with Heb Homes offers
premier architect-designed modular kit homes
harmoniously integrated into your planning process.

Heb Homes

Your Vision Brought to Life

Heb Homes stands at the forefront of innovative custom-built home design. With an impressive legacy and a rich portfolio, Heb Homes has become the trusted name for sustainable, modern living spaces that combine contemporary living with practicality. Every design respects both the evolving needs of its inhabitants and the environment.

Rooted in Scotland’s rich architectural heritage, this award-winning brand is expanding the horizons of dream homes across the UK and Ireland. Heb Homes’ design excellence is provided by Dualchas Architects, known as leaders in vernacular rural design.

Dive deeper into their architectural creations and set foot on your journey to custom build your dream home with Heb Homes.

Planning with precision

Studio Charette is dedicated to offering an exhaustive suite of planning services that span the entirety of the construction landscape. With our seasoned expertise and profound industry insights, we are fervently committed to transforming visions into concrete plans. We ensure every project aligns with regulations, optimises resources, and safeguards against potential pitfalls.

Whether you’re initiating your home design or already have architectural sketches, Studio Charette offers unwavering planning support to Heb Homes’ clientele, ensuring a frictionless and rewarding planning experience. Our suite covers the full spectrum of the planning journey, from preliminary evaluations to the conclusive submission, allowing you to channel your energies effectively.

With a rich history of successful planning approvals and an intimate familiarity with Heb Homes’ ventures, rely on us to secure the necessary permissions to turn your dream house into a reality.

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Excellence in Cohesion: Marrying Planning with Design

Together, Studio Charette and Heb Homes promise more than mere blueprints. Our shared proficiency ensures your project transitions flawlessly from an idea to a tangible edifice. From conceptualisation’s dawn to the finishing touches of construction, our partnership promises an unbroken journey.

Engaging with us means you’re not just commissioning two entities but enlisting a holistic team zealously devoted to realizing your dream project.

Eager to shape your ideas into concrete reality? Join us on a transformative journey that melds expert planning, visionary architecture, and a mutual pledge towards a greener, brighter tomorrow.

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