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1. Planning Permission

Planning Permission for a self-build house or flat might come with the plot of land or if not, it can be applied for before or after the land is purchased. 

Planning Permission is associated with the land, rather than the applicant and you can make a purchase subject to planning permission.

All new built houses or flats are subject to consideration by planning authorities under a raft of national and local policies and technical requirements. 

2. Looking to Buy Land & Develop it?

If you are considering purchasing some land with a view to developing it, we can provide a planning appraisal to advise you on the feasibility and likelihood of success before you even make an offer, to avoid you wasting time and money on land that may not be possible to develop.

Positive Planning Appraisal
Assuming the planning appraisal for your new build flat or house is positive,
Studio Charrette can advise and quote for every stage of the development process including architectural design, planning permission, building regulations, structural engineering and construction.

3. Our Process

Step 1:
Should you choose to instruct us we will compile all the necessary evidence, architectural designs, maps and any specialist reports as required ready to submit with your planning application.

Step 2:
Once you approve the designs, we will submit to the planning department at your local council.

Step 3:
We will manage the application from start to finish dealing with any requests from the planning officer for additional information or design amendments so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Step 4:
Once you have secured planning approval, we can then help you with building regulations drawings, structural engineering calculations and also the construction.

As soon as you have all the necessary approvals works can commence and we can project manage the construction of your new build development through to completion.

4. Looking to Build & Sell?

If you are a developer who is looking to build a development with a view to selling it on completion you may qualify for our joint venture construction partner program

For suitable projects where both parties agree Studio Charrette can fully fund and manage the construction of the project sharing the profit 50/50 on the sale.

5. Building in the Countryside?

Building in the countryside is strictly controlled and can be very challenging as there are many potential constraints. Proposals need to be supported by specialist reports, surveys and information.

6. Potential Constraints

With any development there are always potential planning constraints which are often hidden that can make the simplest of projects into a very complex planning application. 

If the building is listed in addition to securing planning approval you will also require listed building consent and building regulations approval before work can commence. Carrying out any works on a listed building without the necessary approvals is a criminal offence. 

Securing planning approval within conservation areas is always little more problematic and often requires even more supporting evidence than normal and in some cases specialist reports such as heritage statements may be required. 

For properties in flood risk zones a specialist Flood Risk Assessment report is usually required with planning applications. There are also many other specialist reports such as wildlife reports, transport surveys etc which may be required. 

Finally, as with any development there is a long list of planning and design criteria that must be met in order to have any chance of approval. This includes things such as materials, the appearance of the design, the right to light and minimal living space standards.

7. How to apply for planning permission for a new build?

Every application requires a variety of supporting evidence to justify why it should be approved, architectural drawings, maps, block plans and of course the correct application to be completed. 

Once an application is submitted the planning authority first needs to validate it. They then have up to 8 weeks to process the application and reach a decision. It is however common for planning authorities to request additional information or minor design alterations which can delay the process further. 

For this reason, it is recommended that you allow as much time as possible to receive the decision, at least 3 months and up to 12 months ahead is ideal. Once planning is approved you generally have 3 years to start work and 5 years to complete the work.

In theory anyone can submit an application although other than industry professionals those who try are often rejected unnecessarily due to missing information or mistakes.  Even architects are generally only qualified in design but not planning so, while they can draw anything this does not mean that it meets all of the necessary planning criteria. In fact, lots of clients come to us having been rejected with an architect because the application did not meet the necessary planning criteria. 

At Studio Charrette, we have a team of inhouse architects and planners who work together on every application. This ensures the design meets both our client’s expectation and also the expectations of the planning authority to give every application the best chance of success. 

retrospective planning permission and sometimes it was never going to be permitted development due to the local planning policy.

8. Choose Studio Charrette!

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