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1. Is your Project Feasible?

For most customers, the first step in any project is finding out whether the project is feasible. Assuming the project is feasible, they then need to understand if:

  • a) It requires planning permission
  • b) What the process of planning permission is
  • c) How long does it take? 
  • d) And How much will it cost?

2. When is Planning Permission Required?

The permitted development laws only apply to houses meaning that flats, maisonettes and commercial buildings all require planning permission. Larger projects such as big double story extensions, new build houses or commercial projects will almost certainly require full planning permission.

Unfortunately, the laws for planning permission, even for the smallest of projects can be very complex and vary between each local planning authority.

There are many constraints which are policies or conditions that affect whether, and how, a property or piece of land can be developed.

Common Planning Constraints include: Conservation Areas, Green Belt, Areas of Natural Beauty, Listed Buildings and Tree Preservation Orders.

When is Planning Permission NOT Required? 
There are many things that can be done under permitted development rights and do not require planning permission, providing they meet all of the necessary planning and design criteria and there are no hidden constraints that limit of remove the permitted development rights of the property. 

Most developments will require building regulations other than very minor projects such as walls, fences and driveways.

3. Our Experience

On a daily basis we receive enquiries from clients who have received planning enforcements and been given 28 days to secure planning permission or demolish their development, which is a very costly and stressful situation.

99% of these cases are clients who were sure their development was permitted having either read some info online or been mis-advised by their builder. In some cases, they could have been permitted with a few minor changes to the design.

Sometimes they were permitted at the time of the build but the planning authority have subsequently imposed planning constraints removing their permitted development rights meaning they now need retrospective planning permission and sometimes it was never going to be permitted development due to the local planning policy.

4. What is Required for Your Project?

To find out what would be required for your project you have a couple of options.

You could submit a formal pre-application to your planning authority with the designs and project brief which your planning authority will respond to indicating what “might be required”.

Ultimately the final design and application will determine their decision so the pre-app still does not give you a definitive answer. The process takes 8 weeks and can cost hundreds of pounds excluding any architectural designs.

Alternatively, Studio Charrette who are a partner of the Government’s Planning Portal can conduct a planning appraisal.

This involves a chartered planning consultant researching the project to check the relevant planning and design policies, they also check the planning history and look for any hidden constraints.

This takes about an hour at which point they can call to advise what would be required and answer any questions. Subsequently we forward the advice in writing.

5. How does a Planning Permission Appraisal help?

There are never any guarantees with planning permission or permitted development because ultimately, only your planning authority can make the legal determination.

However, with a planning appraisal, we can at least let you know whether your proposed development would be feasible, assuming it is the best route forward and the likelihood of success.

As part of the planning appraisal, we can advise you on building regulations, structural engineering calculations and construction.

If you are still unsure, what a Planning Permission Appraisal is, or how it might help you, please find below two Examples of how Planning Permission Appraisal forms look and the level of depth we go to serve you best.

6. Choose Studio Charrette!

Assuming the planning appraisal is positive we can then provide a quote for any services you want help with including architectural design, planning permission, building regulations and construction. Should you decide to instruct Studio Charrette can take care of everything for you from start to finish.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a planning appraisal for your project, contact us today and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

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