The Estimated Cost For Wall / Driveway / Fence - Studio Charrette - Plan. Design. Build.

The estimated cost of your project for your area is

£700.00 to £800.00

We will email you an exact price for your project within 60 minutes.

Would You Like Your Planning Appraisal Report?

We have teamed up with The Planning Portal to give you:

  1. A Planning Appraisal Report, which details the viability of your project
  2. A Planning Consultation to answer any questions you have.

We just want to double check that it is OK to give you these
because we don’t want to pester you.

Our goal is for you to have a smooth project from start to finish.
Whether you use our service or someone else’s.

Common Planning Questions

A planning appraisal is a vital first step for making your project a successful development.

It includes an overview of the property including what opportunities and restrictions there may be.

We check the planning history, any possible constraints and other important aspects with your local planning authority. This will help us piece together the viability of your project.

With a detailed planning appraisal, it will help the application process be smooth and more likely to get accepted by your local planning authority.

Most planning consultants charge a fee for a planning appraisal.

But it is worth getting in order to get a clear picture of the situation and how to best get planning permission.

Click here to see an example of a planning appraisal 

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